Tuesday, November 8, 2011


We've been hitting lots of milestones lately...let's begin:

Today marked my fourth week back at work. So far it has been pretty easy. My dedicated job duties were taken away from me and I was instructed to just help my team mates as needed, so my work load has been pretty light. That, combined with pumping, has made the transition easy. I think some good changes will be happening at work soon, so I am also excited for that. The best part of my day is still picking Agatha up at day care after work and spending a nice hour or so just the two of us. My second favorite part of the day is lunch because nom nom nom I am so HUNGRY all the time!

November 5th marked one year since I quit smoking. I quit smoking the day I found out I was pregnant. I always said I would quit smoking when I turned 30 or got pregnant. It just so happened those things coincided. I turned 30 on October 5 and cut back on smoking and was only smoking one or two a day until we found out I was pregnant. I haven't had a single puff since that day and I am really happy about it and super proud of myself. When I first found out I was pregnant, I would have dreams that I was smoking and I would wake up feeling SO GUILTY. Luckily, they were just dreams. There are days I think I still want a cigarette, but the feeling goes away quickly, and I don't think I ever would have one. I really liked smoking when I drank, and since I hardly drink any more, the temptation is not there.

Agatha turned 100 days old on October 27. I think that is such a cool milestone. She is 16 weeks old today and is so fun to be around. She smiles and laughs and sits up with support. She likes to blow raspberries and thinks it is funny if you tell her she has a stinky butt. She's discovering new things all the time, and is developing right on track, even if I worry about how little she is. The last 112 days have definitely been the best days of my life and I am so so so so so happy to have her in my life.

And our last little fun milestone just happened today. Agatha rolled over for the first time at daycare. I knew it was going to happen soon because she had really been trying the last few days. When we got home I got out the camera to see if she would do it again. I laid her down on her stomach and turned to pick up the camera, and when I turned back she had already rolled onto her back! What a little sneak.

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  1. Oh, hey Amy! Now I know your blog address, too, from my blog. :)

    Those are all such fantastic milestones. Way to go with the non-smoking - that is so awesome. I just realized that my five year anniversary passed a few weeks ago, and it really does get easier with time....though, I do still have dreams about smoking from time to time, too.

    112 days and rolling! Little Agatha IS developing right on track and she is just perfect. There are SO many other indicators of health than just size.