Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Pacifier

After I wrote about Agatha being weaned from breast-feeding (and using a pacifier in the morning to comfort her instead of nursing), she got incredibly attached the the pacifier. She started wanting it all the time, whether she was happy or sad, upset or bored. It got to the point that we put it on our nightstand before bed so we could give it to her right away in the morning. We only had three pacifiers in the house so if we weren't able to find one, it was torture.

Let me say, I don't think there is anything wrong with using pacifiers. Studies show that they lower the risk of SIDS when used in infants. They obviously can be of great comfort to kids and great sanity savers for parents. However, I didn't think it was a habit she needed to pick up at 18 months old, since she had never been strongly reliant on them in the past and because this is the age a lot of parents try to break the habit.

But it was hard not to give it to her. She started learning new words every day and one of those words was "pacifier" (pronounced "pwier" by Agatha). She wasn't using one at all in day care and we still didn't give it to her at nap time or bed time, but she asked for it a lot while awake. Once she had it for a few minutes and was content, Chris or I would sometimes slip it out of her mouth without her objecting and hide it for a few hours. It was just getting to be too much of a crutch for her.

Finally, a few weeks ago, I said we were going to stop. Chris and I talked to her about it and let her know that starting that Saturday (a week ago Saturday), she wasn't going to get the pacifier any longer. I'm not sure how much she understood but I figured we owed it to her to be up front.

On Saturday morning she asked for it upon waking. Chris was up with her that morning and she whined a little bit but was easily distracted by breakfast. She asked for it a few times throughout the day and cried a little when we told her, "We don't do that any more." But she soon forgot about it.

And it really hasn't been that bad. I think that Saturday was the worst day and since then she has asked for it a handful of times, mostly when upset about not being allowed something else she wants.  For the most part, she seems to have forgotten about it. She did see a picture of herself with the pacifier in her mouth and said "Pacifier" this morning, but it was like she was just pointing out an object she recognized.

So, one week and two days pacifier free. Next up: Potty training!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Random Thoughts

I recently rearranged my kitchen cupboards, and MAN, do I feel better! I feel much more organized, I'm using space wisely and I'm not constantly having to drag a chair into the kitchen to reach something I use all the time. It was way overdue.

We found out we are having a BABY BOY! I am so excited and have been having so much fun looking at boy clothes online. Um, clothing designers really decided stripes are the way to go for boys' clothes, huh? I am also working on designing/decorating what will be Agatha and this baby's shared room. They will move into the room that Chris and I currently use, and we will move into Agatha's nursery. Her nursery is quite tiny, but we will make it work.

I have been trying to cook extra on the weekends and freeze meals for the week. So far it has gone really well, and I love being able to pull something out of the freezer and have it ready in 15 minutes with no work for me. Something other than a frozen pizza, that is. I have been getting a lot of good ideas from Dinner: A Love Story and hope that my lovely husband gets me the book for our 10 year anniversary/Valentine's Day. So far most of the recipes I have tried have been a success, but a few were not (mostly to pregnancy food aversions).

Agatha is just a ball of fun right now. She is talking so much and learning new things every day. I think we have to start discussing potty training soon, since she is telling us when she has dirty diapers and is semi-interested in the little potty we bought for her.

She makes me so happy.
The pregnancy is going well. I feel good and haven't had many problems. A few weeks ago I could barely walk thanks to my right hip and tailbone being out of whack, but physical therapy helped that and now I feel mostly normal. I am 22 weeks right now, it feels like it is flying by.

20 weeks

And that's all, folks.