Monday, May 30, 2011

Baking and Other Fun Stuff

Woo - so I was up at 5 this morning. Why, you ask? No reason, other than this GIGANTIC baby growing inside of me and making it impossible to sleep (or sit, or stand, or walk). After about three hours, I took a shower and managed to fall asleep again. Then my day really began.

I was very excited to go to Target and get a hamper for our bedroom (man, I'm exciting). We got a hamper for the nursery at our baby shower last weekend, which is going to be immensely helpful, but currently we just throw our dirty clothes on the floor of our tiny, minuscule, itty-bitty bedroom - usually while there is a laundry basket full of clean clothes waiting to be folded taking up more precious floor space. So, I decided I was going to buy a hamper for our room. Man - hampers are expensive! Like, really expensive - it's a basket, why does it need to cost so much? So, I didn't get a hamper. But I did get a stability ball, which is nice to sit on and supposed to make you more comfortable while you are laboring. Oh! But then when I got home I remembered I have an old gift card for Bed, Bath & Beyond I have not used. Surely they have hampers at Bed, Bath & Beyond, right?

Also, I bought a lot of baking supplies. Then I went home and baked. A lot. I made Ranger cookies, mint chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (all recipes from Swistle, whose blog I have been stalking all weekend). My co-workers are going to love me tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow, I have my 34 week OB appointment, and I am hoping we will find out approximately how HUGE this GIGANTIC baby is. I'm really hoping for "not huge at all."

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Time in a Bottle

Wow, I have been a bad, bad, bad blogger.

Well, in my defense, it's not like I have NOTHING going on. We have been very busy around here getting ready for baby, losing furry friends (RIP Oscar), gaining furry companions ("friend" might be too strong at this point for the little guy), job hunting (hubs, not me), attending weddings and birthday parties and baby showers and saying sayanara to some good friends.

It's Memorial Day weekend and we had a whole list of not fun stuff to do. Amazingly, we got it all done yesterday and this morning! I know, right?

So yesterday, I spent hours weeding our two front flower beds, which actually have only hostas, not flowers. Hubs mowed our disgraceful lawn. I have been laying awake at night for days ruminating on our lawn situation. We are having a very common Minnesota lawn problem - Creeping Charlie. And apparently if you don't launch an all out attack on Creeping Charlie with chemicals, and spent most of your weekends pulling it up you might as well dig up your lawn and put down concrete. Which is how I feel. Now, I'm pretty lazy. I kind of want to take the concrete approach. It sounds easier. Because seriously at least 1/3 of our yard has now been overtaken by this vile weed. But I found that if you just mow the lawn, it looks 90% better. So I'm sticking with that. Plus I'll try some chemicals, I guess. Anyhow, it was because of the Creeping Charlie infestation that I was determined to weed the flower beds. I figured people could drive or walk by and see our horrible lawn AND our horrible weed covered flower beds and assume we are the worst homeowners ever, or they could see our neatly mowed weed/lawn and our clean, pretty flower beds and think we are at least making an effort. Plus, I do want to plant some flowers. If it stops raining this weekend, that is.

The other chore we did was bring all the donation bags I have accumulating over the past 8 months to the Salvation Army. Woo!! And I even got an invoice for tax purposes - $455.00! That felt pretty good.

So now I have the rest of today and all day tomorrow to pretty much do whatever I want. However, when you are 8 1/2 months pregnant and it is hard to stay in one position for long, there is not a lot I want to do.