Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Skyway Sybarite

During lunch today, I was walking back to my building from Macy's, where I had just purchased an unreasonable amount of makeup, when I decided to stop in to the Greek Grill and get something to eat.

Check it. I never, like never, eat in the skyway system at lunch. I think I have maybe done this 7 times over the 4 years I have been employed at my current job. And at least half those times were from Chipotle. Generally, I bring something from home, or more often lately, eat at our building's cafeteria.

I used to love the cafeteria, because they have the all-around best BLT in the world. Hands down. I could eat it every day. However, I gave up pork about 9 months ago (believe me, whether or not I could live without the BLT was almost a deal-breaker) so I don't get to enjoy the BLT. And the rest of their options are mostly blah. They have good salads once in a while, and good soup occasionally. I like the turkey burgers and I make myself do the salad bar when I'm good. But that's about the extent of what I can eat there.

So, I need new places to eat.

Which brings me to the Greek Grill, and therefore, to my new weekly (hopefully) post detailing my adventures in skyway gastronomy.

And we're off!

The Greek Grill and Cafe is located in the City Center. It's a fair distance from my building on Washington, but almost everywhere in the skyway system is.

I ordered a falafel plate, which consisted of a falafel sandwich and Greek salad, for at total of $8.04.

The salad was delicious, with a pleasant amount of vegetables of the non-lettuce variety and the size was great. Once I removed my tinfoil-wrapped sandwich from my to-go box, the salad filled the whole thing. Sweet! My only complaint about the salad was that I got one measly kalamata olive with it. One! Although it's pretty hard to mess up a salad, I thought this one was top of the line.

The falafel sandwich, which I don't think I've had before, was also good. It was a little dry and I thought it needed some sort of sauce. The husband thinks it should have come with tahini, but mine did not. Other than that, the sandwich was great. The pita was warm and soft, and did not tear or fall apart. Beside the falafel, the pita also contained lettuce, cucumbers, onions and tomatoes.

All in all, I would definitely go back to the Greek Grill. The service was fast and friendly. I was in and out in less than 5 minutes, even though it was close to noon. Check it out on your next lunch break!

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