Friday, May 24, 2013

Conversations with Agatha

Toddlers can be pretty funny. At least I think mine is.

*Brings me a bottle of salad dressing*
Agatha: You open?
Me: What are you going to eat it with?
Agatha: Um…my mouth!

*We are singing Old McDonald*
Me: And on that farm he had a…
Agatha: Queen!
Me: Okay. What does a queen say?
Agatha: “How do you do?”

Me: Agatha, what should we name baby brother?
Agatha: Um…Farts!
Me: Really? Farts?
Agatha: Yeah. Barney Farts!

*After purposefully knocking all of her markers and crayons off her drawing table*
Agatha: Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!

*Feeding her dinosaur some macaroni*
Agatha: He love it!

*We are pretending to sleep on our bed.*
Agatha: Wake up, little boy!

*While pulling my shirt down.*
Agatha: Happy birthday, dear boobies! Happy birthday to you! 

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