Monday, July 16, 2012

a little of this

The summer has just been flying by. I guess that is what happens when you work full time and have a child. I don't know how those suckers with more than one kid do it.

We have got to do a lot of fun things so far this summer. We went up to the lake place once or twice, and down to Omaha for our annual 4th of July vacation at Chris' parents' house. I love going there. It's all donuts, pool time, Fernando's and relaxation. Maybe a little less relaxation this year than in the past, since I had to make sure Agatha didn't crawl into the pool, but still. Fun was had. I even got to reconnect with an old friend while I was down there. She had a baby boy just a few months after me and came over to have some baby pool time. And I am sorry to say, she was in a bikini. And looked awesome. I was ashamed of my pale, doughy sad sack body.

But that experience has pushed me to start actually working out again. I am running, and took a kettlebells class that I think I will start attending regularly. I do enjoy exercising,I just lack the motivation to do it. And since I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I never really thought I needed to. But the reality is, my pre-pregnancy weight is still about 20 pounds over my wedding weight, and about 13 pounds over my "ideal" weight. So, on the elliptical machine it is.

Another fun thing we did in Omaha was go to the Henry Doorly zoo. I hadn't been for a few years, and it was obviously Agatha's first time. I don't know how much she got out of it, although she did pet a goat and eat some animal crackers. The big thing she enjoyed was riding the carousel. Pure joy.

Speaking of Agatha, she is turning ONE in THREE days. I can't believe it. I am so glad I have been keeping a paper journal of the past year for her, because the days have gone so quickly. Every day we are amazed at what an awesome daughter we were blessed with and every day she somehow gets better and better. Oh!

Party planning is under way. I will hopefully post some pictures after the big shindig this weekend. I admittedly am going a little crazy with decorations. It is a family and a few friends, so I don't know who I think I am going to impress.  

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