Sunday, March 4, 2012


Life with a baby certainly leaves you with little to no spare time. Especially if said baby does not like to go to sleep until 11:00 PM. (Or if new parents are too tired to recognize that baby is ALSO tired and would like to be PUT TO BED now, Please.)

Luckily, we have recently overcome that problem and now everyone is getting more sleep. Thank you.

I am excited for Agatha's First Plane Ride at the end of March, also, I am nervous. In general, she is a very calm, easy baby ,but recently she has been a little grumpy and harder to please. I keep saying I think she is teething, but no teeth have appeared. So I hope she is well behaved on the flight. I will be sure to pack my magic boobs to calm her. (They're just my regular boobs. Heh, boobs.)

In ADULT news, Chris got a new job (Yay!) and is no longer a record store employee. His level of stress has been greatly reduced and our household level of happiness has greatly increased.

I got a promotion at work, and things are going good there. I still spend a seemingly large portion of my day walking back and forth to the mothers' room to pump, but it is important to me, so I don't mind. I have pumped over 1000 ounces to date.

Now that Agatha is almost 8 months old, we have started to talk about having another baby. I am so so so so in love with Agatha and I know I would love another baby just as much, but it is a hard decision. Well, not really a hard decision, because I am sure we will try. But it is a scary decision because one kid is a lot of work - is TWO kids TWICE as much work? I hope not.

A lot of my friends have recently bought houses and I am very jealous. I love our house, I just wish we would have bought our forever home, instead of a started home. If we do have two kids, they will have to share a tiny room for several years. Then I assume we would try to sell our house, but if that didn't work, we would have to figure something else out. Why am I stressing out about a possible scenario YEARS in the future? Because that is what I do. For now, I just window shop houses online.

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