Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Agatha: Three Years Old!

Well, this is almost two months late - so right on time for me! I am still in shock that my little baby, the girl who made me a mommy, is THREE! And has her own opinions, and voices them regularly. She is changing so much every day, I am amazed. I am so lucky to be able to be her mama.

This girl cracks me up almost every day. She is so into imaginary friends and pretend play. For a while every doll, animal, toy, etc was named Billy. Everyone was Billy. Billy was Agatha's best friend. She (yes, Billy was a girl) was "tall, with brown hair and big arms" according to Agatha. She's now moved onto a friend named Fiargo, who apparently lives in a triangle and plays the violin.


She is still insanely into reading and books, THANK YOU. We read at least three books before bed every night and a lot of nights, Agatha is the one "reading" to us. Grandma Tomi got Agatha a subscription to High Five (the younger version of Highlights) and she LOVES it. There may have been times that I have hidden the magazine so I wouldn't have to read the entire thing at bedtime. She is amazing at finding the hidden pictures.

Lately, over the last few weeks, Agatha has been really interested in helping with dinner and baking. This interest coincided with receiving an apron from her older cousin, Alexandra. I will admit I have used helping make cookies or other treats as an incentive for good behavior (mainly staying out of Oliver's crib during the night).

Agatha is learning to tell jokes, but she doesn't really understand why they are funny. I told her the knock-knock joke that goes: "Knock knock!" "Who's there?" "Little old lady." "Little old lady who?" "I didn't know you could yodel!" and she then began inserting the punch line into any knock knock joke ("Who's there?" "Banana." "Banana who?" "I didn't know you could yodel!") which makes me laugh anyway. She also has her own words for things, dancing is "balleting," playing catch is called "ball catch," juice boxes are "juice can boxes."
Potty training was fairly easy and mostly taken care of at day care. I think she was fully trained a few months before her third birthday (maybe April?) but we still have her wear pull ups at night.


Agatha love, love, loves her grandpas. Her face lights up as soon as she sees them and she won't leave their sides when she's around them. At her third birthday party, both grandpas were in attendance and I don't think she knew what to do with herself. Poor Grandmas.

Her birthday party this year was fun - we decided to have it at a local park with a splash pad and the weather was a bit windy, but we still had a good time. She mostly remembers there was a butterfly on her cake and she got presents.

I love you , Goose.

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