Monday, October 22, 2012

October Goals: How am I doing?

So October is almost over. Let's see how I am doing on my goal list.

1. Make homemade laundry detergent. I haven't done this yet. To be fair, I haven't needed to, we still have a few loads worth of Method concentrated laundry detergent left. But as soon as that is gone, I will be mixing up a batch!
2. Repaint the dining room. Currently a purple-gray, I was looking for a traditional light gray. Nope. Too lazy.
3. Get rid of several boxes of books that I purged. hopefully, this will help me with my years-long goal of buying new bookshelves. They just aren't that high on my priority list, though. Yes! Chris and I headed to Half-Price books and sold 6 diaper boxes of books for a sad amount of cash. I also took a bag of baby clothes to Once Upon a Child. Go, me!
4. Print and organize pictures into albums. I've been okay at printing pictures but none are organized. Hmm. I forgot this was a goal. I did print some more pictures but have not even THOUGHT about organizing them. Are we sure I wrote that goal? It doesn't sound like me.

All in all, that's pretty sad. BUT maybe if I do lots of laundry in the next 8 days, I will run out of detergent and have to make my own. Then I would be done with 2/4. Which is still pretty sad.

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